The Journey Begins


I am Elizabeth. This is not your average blog. It’s not about answers. It’s about asking questions to reveal what you already know through His word. God help me to see who you want me to be!

A family centered life. I named this blog with not only the purpose of working to center my life around my immediate family, but also the family of all humankind. We are far more alike than we are different. God has called us to love one another inspite of our differences. This life is much bigger than ourselves. We need one another. We are family.

The world needs you step up and fill your role.

Christ looked at the needs of the people and provided it. Let’s fill the need. Let’s share good. Love. Invite one another in from the coldness of life and into the warmth of each other’s presence.

Learn to let go of what you have planned for your life and live fully in the present moment, being led by the spirit, and embrace all that is waiting for you! Everything must go! God has a purpose for your life that only YOU can fill. Unbecome all that you aren’t and step into who you are meant to be!

Take care and God Bless